When full EasyPost automation is required, and multiple document types are processed, it may be necessary to install additional printer drivers if there is no method of controlling the print document file name. These extra virtual printers allow prefixing of document names in order to distinguish your documents for automated processing, using presets.

When you require automation based on printers but only one account to send the documents you need only install multiple printers with a single Mailroom client. 

Where more than one customer account is used refer Multiple Mailroom Installations.


An initial EasyPost Mailroom must be installed.

Installation Preparation

Unzip the installation files to a new folder.

Depending upon your computer architecture browse to either the x86 or x64 installation files and open the Multi-printer configuration file config.ini file for editing.

If Mailroom installation is not in the default installation location, you will need to modify the some configuration values (at the end of the config file) with proper paths and files that point to the Mailroom installation location. Settings required to be aligned to the Mailroom location are:


Default values are:

strAppStarterFile=C:\Program Files\EasyPost\Mailroom\EPStarter.exe
strEPDLLName=C:\Program Files\EasyPost\Mailroom\EPAPINT.DLL
strEPAppExeFile=C:\Program Files\EasyPost\Mailroom\EPPreview.exe
strEPAppWorkFolder=C:\Program Files\EasyPost\Mailroom\

The strDocNamePrefix parameter, by default, will prefix input filenames with the printer name and is used for environments where the filename cannot be amended or controlled (such as SAP) to enable alignment of print file names with presets. If this is required, leave the following entry


as is. If not, comment out the setting with a semicolon.

Save the amended config.ini file.


Run “PrnDrvInstall.exe” as Administrator.

Click the “Install” button.

You will be prompted for a printer name. After successful installation, you will now have a new printer with the same name as you manually entered. NB In Windows “Devices and Printers” view, only one printer icon (device) will display. Selecting Properties for this icon will display multiple queues, one per device. To display or alter printer properties for each device, select it from the list.


Change the original or additional printer properties to suppress Mailroom launch, and print a test document to each to verify correct behaviour. Documents printed through the additional driver should have the printer name as a prefix if this parameter was used.


Re-run PrnDrvInstall.exe as Administrator, specifying the additional printer name to be removed. A restart may be required to fully remove driver files.