When a lodged letter is returned as undeliverable, Bing will prepare a Returned Mail Report data file in CSV format and email it to a pre-designated email address for your account. This report contains details of the Bing Service Number (Mailing ID) as well as a reason for non-delivery of the mail.

The Returned Mail Report is normally emailed two times each week. A sample image of a Returned Mail Report is shown below.

Fig 1

Explanation of Returned Mail Report

Column heading Format Comments
Returned when Date When the letter was returned to Bing.
Bing accepted when Date + time Date when the Mailing was received including time (AEST) in 24 hour format
Company Name You Company name
Email Email The acknowledgement email address specified in the Mailing containing the letter.
Terminal Name The computer name or ID from which the Mailing containing the returned letter was submitted to Bing.
Login Name The user name or ID who logged into the “Terminal” for submitting the Mailing containing the returned letter.
Department Name The department selected.
Reference Identifier The identifier following the “ref:” label prefix if so configured on the first line of the address. Please refer to “How to use reference identifier” later in this document.
Address Full address The entire address comprising of all lines including line breaks but excluding the “ref:” line.
Returned Reason Not advised by Mail Carrier The mail carrier did not indicate the reason on the returned letter
Insufficient address Incomplete address that does not identify delivery location or post box
Left address/ unknown Either returned with specific note or returned without any other identified reasons.
Refused Normally used for Registered Mail.
Box Closed The box listed in address is no longer active.
Unclaimed Usually a PO box mail unclaimed by the owner
Other Reason Other Reason – If applicable
Subject Text Usually the title (filename) of the printed document that was submitted for processing to the Mailroom. E.g. Merged letters – Microsoft Word, Print Run.csv, Statements, etc.
Bing letter ID Text/Number The Mailing ID followed by a / (slash) then a number. The number is the index number of this letter in the specified Mailing ID.
Address line 1 to 6 Address Each line of the address listed separately in individual columns. Some users use this for post processing the return mail report.