EasyPost Mailroom 6 consists of several components. Most users will require a complete "stand-alone" installation.

For more complex setups see the EasyPost Mailroom 6 technical overview.

Complete Installation

The EasyPost Mailroom installation process will install these components onto your computer:

  • EasyPost Printer Driver - Allows you to print to the EasyPost Mailroom from any application.
  • EasyPost Mailroom - Software that lets you prepare your mailings for submission to Bing.
  • EasyPost Mailroom Database Service - Stores mailings and the documents printed to the Mailroom printer driver.
  • EasyPost Service - Manages configuration, status updates and document uploads to Bing.

Download the EasyPost Mailroom installation from the downloads page.

1. Run "EasyPost-Mailroom-v6-x64.msi". Contact Bing customer service if you require a 32bit installation.

2. The Setup Installation Wizard will be displayed, click Next.

3. After agreeing to the License Agreement, you will be asked to choose a setup type: Complete, Client or Custom See figure 1.1.  Choose your required installation type.  To change the installation folder you must choose Custom.

Fig 1.1

4. Select Complete and click Install.

5. When the installation has completed successfully click Finish to exit the wizard and Run the Mailroom Client.

Client Installation

A client only installation can be performed by choosing Client as the installation setup type.  Alternatively you can download the client only installation msi package from downloads.

The client installation is desirable where all installations should be pointing to a single database and EasyPost service host.

Custom Installation

To customise your installation and install specific features, choose Custom as the installation setup type when navigating the install wizard.

Figure 1.2 shows the features that can be selected for install when choosing custom.

Fig 1.2

  • Mailroom - Desktop application.
    • Status Watch - Monitor submitted mailings status.
  • Mailroom Virtual Printer - Virtual printer for printing documents to the Mailroom.
    • Additional Printers - Add additional printer queues.
  • EasyPost Database Service - Stores and manages content.
  • EasyPost Service - Service for managing Mailroom user configuration, uploads and updates.
  • EasyPost Live Help - Live help remote support utility.


Whilst existing EasyPost Mailroom 5 clients and databases can be upgraded in-place, it is important to note that it is ONLY the content that is preserved i.e the Mailings. Presets and other settings cannot be preserved as they're incompatible with version 6 new configuration architecture.
Any mailings upgraded to v6 should be in a completed state i.e. lodged or cancelled. Following the upgrade these mailings will no longer receive status updates.

To ensure compatibility, upgrades to existing Mailroom 6 deployments should start with the EPService and Database servers first.

Following an upgrade Mailrooms and users are required to register upon first use.

Versions prior to 5.x cannot be upgraded to version 6.

1. Follow the installation steps detailed above in installation, acknowledging the additional upgrade screen in the wizard.

2. During upgrade a Files in Use dialogue may appear.  See figure 1.3. Choose option "Do not close applications. A reboot will be required", and click OK to continue.

Fig 1.3

3. When the Mailroom client has been successfully upgraded click Finish to run the Mailroom client and register the service/user.

With the Mailroom upgrade completed you should verify your document history from within the Mail Items Summary screen.  

Cmd Line Installation

EasyPost Mailroom can also be installed through the cmd line or AD using group policy.

The /qn msiexec options set no UI and quiet i.e. no user interaction.
Option MSIRMSHUTDOWN=2 will handle files in use i.e. printer driver held in open applications. Sometimes required on removal/upgrade.

To perform a complete install of the EasyPost Mailroom:

msiexec /i "EasyPost-Mailroom-v6-x64.msi" /qn

To install EasyPost Mailroom features:

msiexec /i "EasyPost-Mailroom-v6-x64.msi" /qn ADDDEFAULT={Feature Codes..comma separated no spaces}

E.g. for client features only i.e. no database or EasyPost services use:

msiexec /i "EasyPost-Mailroom-v6-x64.msi" /qn ADDDEFAULT=MailroomFeat,StatusWatchFeat,PrinterFeat,LiveHelpFeat,VCRedists MSIRMSHUTDOWN=2

To remove the EasyPost Mailroom use:

msiexec /x "EasyPost-Mailroom-v6-x64.msi" /qn MSIRMSHUTDOWN=2

Product Features

Version 6 Features:
MSIExec Feature Code  Custom Installation Feature Description
VCRedists N/A Always required when performing MSIExec feature installations
MailroomFeat Mailroom Desktop application
StatusWatchFeat Status Watch Monitor submitted mailings status
PrinterFeat Mailroom Virtual Printer Virtual printer for printing documents to the Mailroom
DBFeat EasyPost Database Service Stores and manages content
EPSvcFeat EasyPost Service Service for managing Mailroom user configuration, uploads and updates
LiveHelpFeat EasyPost Live Help Live help remote support utility