In both Stand Alone and Client-Server installations it is required for the EasyPost Service and users to be registered to Bing.  Registration allows users to submit mailings, and the EasyPost Service permission to upload and communicate with Bing.


Following a successful installation open the Mailroom client to register.  Enter an Email address, Registration and Account code (supplied by Bing) and click Register.  It will take a few seconds for the EasyPost Service to retrieve your configuration. 

Figure 1.1

The EasyPost Service registration performs both a service and user registration and the Mailroom can now securely send documents to Bing for processing.


In the case where Mailroom clients are connecting to a service that is already registered, a new user will be required to enter only their email address and Registration code.

In some enterprise environments, a users mailroom connecting to a service supporting a configuration hierarchy, will be prompted to choose a location in the configuration tree.

Fig 1.2

The user selects the desired Organisational Unit and then enters their Registration Email address and the applicable Registration code. The user is now registered and can securely send documents to Bing for processing.