Mailings submitted to Bing regularly get their status updated. This is visible in All Mailings under the comment column, and from Mailing Preview in the Status Bar.

Mailings in a stale state will be alerted to users via status watch client notifications and Email notifications, if configured.


In version 6, all communication between an EasyPost installation and Bing is performed by the EasyPost Service (EP Service). The EP Service requests status for any mailing that has been submitted but is not yet in a terminal state.

By default, EP Service requests status every 2 hours. Mailings are then updated within each database based on any new status.


Each installation of the Mailroom includes status watch.  This component of the Mailroom is a background application, always running. 

It gets the current user configuration from the EasyPost Service, determining which database to interrogate.  Status Watch checks the database every 10 minutes. 

Status can be manually retrieved directly from the Mailroom from All Mailings and Mailroom Preview by refreshing. 


Status Watch and SMTP,  alert users under the following circumstances:

  1. A submitted mailing has not had a status update for 4 hours. This indicates the mailing may not have been successfully received by Bing.
  2. A mailing that is neither Cancelled or Lodged within 7 days.  This indicates there may be a problem with the mailing that requires customer attention.

To configure SMTP alerts goto the Configuration Notifications page.