The Bing Infrastructure


To deliver this secure and robust service, Bing has invested in state-of-the-art network infrastructure and equipment. Bing’s core facilities are distributed across redundant data centres in Sydney. Our data centres support BGP routing failover with multiple carriers to maximise availability. Bing has its own in-house network and systems specialists.

Production Centres

Our production centres run independently of one another, and in the event of critical equipment problems, we can reroute your mail to alternate facilities to ensure on-time lodgement.

Network Architecture

Bing’s network design carefully isolates production and mail routing from our internal administration systems. Once your mail reaches Bing’s data centres, all further internal routing between Bing facilities occurs over our secure private network.

The Secure EasyPost Software Framework

The EasyPost Software Framework maintains integrity and confidentiality of your print stream from when you print your letter until it is lodged with the postal authority. In this section we explain how the patented EasyPost® software achieves this.

Bandwidth friendly

The EasyPost Mailroom driver installed in your computer has the ability to significantly compress the size of the print file, prior to transmission to Bing. For example, if you have the same image included in every item in a print spool, this will only be transmitted once.

Won’t transmit desktop viruses

The only executable code is the EasyPost Mailroom software, which is virus scanned before release and signed so that it cannot be altered in any way prior to installation.

No files containing your customer lists

Unlike mail houses we do not need you to send us a database file containing all your customers and then merge this database with your letter using a template. The presence of your customer list in unencrypted files, at a mail house, represents a security risk to your business.

We don’t do this! Bing uses your printed document exactly as you sent it, and doesn’t remerge data or store data as editable files. The mailroom software enables you to show us where to look on your letter for an address, so we can barcode your mail.

Because you actually perform the merge on your computer before you send it to us, you also ensure that what you print is what is mailed. Our production team does not have the ability to make layout changes to your merged documents. This ensures the fidelity of your mailing.

Physical Security

Access to our production centres is restricted to Bing staff and controlled by access cards and security monitoring systems. Visitors are always escorted.

Employee Security

All Bing team members undergo police checks as part of their recruitment process. We don’t use external contractors or third parties to handle your mail. You can be assured that from the point you submit your letter run, only Bing team members and Postal authority staff touch your mail.

Mail Integrity

We use leading edge mail inserter technology to ensure integrity of your mail. We print a page barcode on the same side that we print the address and logo to appear through the envelope windows. This barcode has the letter ID, a sequence number and the number of pages within the letter encoded into it. Our mail inserting equipment has multiple levels of integrity checking – double feed detection, sequence number checking, letter ID logging and page barcode anticipation which provide a comprehensive integrity check that ensure the letter content is correctly inserted.