Active Directory Integration

Setup and integrate the EasyPost Mailroom with Active Directory.

Advanced Presets Configuration

Learn how to use preset rules to enable partial or complete automation.

Multiple Extraction Zones

EasyPost Mailroom has the capability of extracting address and other metadata from multiple areas in a document.

Multiple Mailroom Installations

How to install multiple instances of the mailroom.

Multi Printer Install

How to install additional virtual printer drivers.

Purchase Orders

How to apply a purchase order to a mailing.


Database Service

Install and configure the EasyPost Mailroom Database Service.

Database Best Practices

Safeguard your data and ensure optimal performance.

Database Tool

The Database Tool is used for maintenance and other database operations.


Spooler Installation Guide

The EasyPost® Spooler is a Windows service that uploads files to the Bing webservice.

Spooler Configuration Guide

The spooler configuration guide outlines all the functions of the EasyPost Spooler.