Installation and Upgrade

Installation of EPLite requires an email address, a Bing account and a registration code.  
Call Bing Customer Service on 1300 309 800 to obtain your registration details.

Click here to download the .zip archive containing the installation packages specific to your Linux OS.

EPLite is currently supported on Ubuntu 22.04+ and Red Hat/Fedora 36.  If you have any issues or need something different please contact Bing.

To install EPLite for Linux run the relevant install cmd below.


sudo apt install ./EPLite.deb

Red Hat/Fedora

sudo rpm -i EPLite.rpm
sudo dnf localinstall EPLite.rpm

Whether you're using a GUI or the terminal, the installer will prompt for registration details. Enter your registration email address, your Bing account ID and your registration code.  Once these details have been entered EPLite will perform a service registration.

Upload node registration... Success. 

Note: the EasyPost Lite service remains inoperative until registration has been completed.

To learn more about using EasyPost Lite continue to the User Guide.

Uninstalling and Removing

To uninstall the service and client installation run the following command from a terminal window.


sudo apt remove eplite

Red Hat/Fedora

sudo rpm -e EPlite.rpm
sudo dnf remove EPLite.rpm