The EasyPost Spooler is a Windows service that uploads files to the Bing webservice. It provides:

  • a central point for file upload, allowing greater control and monitoring upload capabilities
  • centralised proxy settings and customer registration
  • auto-resume capabilities, logging and upload confirmation

The installation guide covers spooler configuration for use with the EasyPost Mailroom or for uploading documents directly to Bing for auto processing.  For complete guide to all configuration options see the spooler configuration guide.

System Requirements

  • MS Windows
  • The EasyPost Spooler installation will install the .Net Framework v4 if not already installed
  • CPU – the EasyPost Spooler uses minimal CPU time; it is simply performing file upload


Select an always-up workstation or server for installation. The spooler is responsible for mail file upload and minimal disk space is required. Suffcient disk space should be provisioned should internet access become available as mail files will queue up untill access is restored. All mailroom users must be able to access the server.


Download the Easypost Spooler installation file from the downloads page under utilities.

1. Run EasyPostSpoolerSetup.exe, the setup installation wizard will be displayed.

2. After viewing the license agreement. Accept the terms and click Next.

3. Click Next to accept the default installation folder location.

4. Select Complete Install for all installations and click Next.

5. When the installation has completed successfully click Finish to exit the wizard.


1. Before upgrading the EasyPost spooler we recommend backing up the spooler configuration. From the General tab, click Export and save the resulting file. 

2. To upgrade run the installation executable file, accepting all defaults and click Finish.

Note - if you are using the default received directory as your incoming folder, you will need to reapply both Share and NTFS permissions to allow files to be written by non-administrators.

3. Launch the spooler configuration and click on the Registration tab.  Enter your Username or Email, Account ID and Registration code. When registration is complete the EasyPost Spooler service can be started.


1. From the Start Menu run the EasyPost Spooler Configuration utility by going to:

Start > All Programs > EasyPost > EasyPost Spooler

In the General tab set the incoming and outgoing paths. The incoming folder is where files are received for upload to Bing. For use with the mailroom this folder must be shared with permissions set so users can write files. Default locations are shown below in figure 1.1.


2. To register the Spooler click go to the registration tab and click register. You will be prompted to enter your email, Customer ID and registration code. If you do not have these credentials, please call Bing Customer Service on 1300 309 800 to obtain them. If successful the ID and encryption value fields will populate.

3. Return to the General tab, click Save and then Start to start the service. Click Close to exit the configuration dialogue.

4. To configure an EasyPost Mailroom, run the Mailroom Configuration Utility (Program Files\EasyPost\Mailroom\MailroomConfig.exe).  All instances of the EasyPost Mailroom must be closed before the dialog will open.  Click the Get Config button. Enter the Spooler host name and TCP Port as set in your spooler configuration and click "Get Configuration".
The Customer ID (Account ID), Drop Location (UNC Path), Encryption Key Id and Encryption Key Values will be populated from the Spooler config. Click Save.

5. To test that the Spooler has been set up correctly, create a simple letter addressed to yourself and process through the Mailroom. To confirm receipt, activate the “Send confirmation” email option and enter your valid email address – a confirmation email may take a few minutes to transmit. If logging is enabled in the Spooler Configuration “diagnostics” tab, the log may be used to confirm successful upload (“filecomplete”).

Direct Upload

PDF, XPS, XPS and Postscript files may be uploaded directly to Bing using the EasyPost Spooler.

Uploading documents for auto processing must be set up in consultation with Bing Customer Service before this facility can be used.

1. Complete configuration steps 1-3.

2. Mailroom uploads using the spooler are already encrypted and do not require encrypted transmission.  If however, non-encrypted content is to be transferred then secure https upload must be configured.

Open the spooler configuration and select the Server tab.  Edit the Primary and Secondary upload url's replacing http prefix with https.


3. Return to the General tab, click Save and then Start to start the service. Click Close to exit the configuration dialogue.

4. Test the setup by dropping a simple 1 letter pdf document into the spooler incoming folder.  Call Bing Customer Service on 1300 309 800 to confirm receipt.

5. To further configure the spooler, to create backups of uploaded documents, configure for use with a proxy and enable email alerts refer to the spooler configuration guide.