Mailroom Tasks

Configure Default Presets

Presets allow you to define common options such as colour and duplex settings.

Disable Mailroom Launch

Disable the Mailroom Wizard Pop-Up screens.

Export and Import

Share items between Mailroom users.

Implement a Mail Approval Process

Use the Mailroom’s shared database feature for approval of mail before submission.

Manage Department Lists

How to enable or modify the “Department List” feature.

Resend a Mailing

It’s easy to resend a Completed mailing, and can be less challenging than reproducing your documents.

Search For Mail Items

Quickly and easily find content submitted to the Mailroom database.

Utilise Reference IDs

Bing allows you to insert a unique “reference” field in your letters.

Transport Methods

Email Documents

Use the Mailroom to send documents by Email.

Fax Documents

Use the Mailroom to send documents by Fax.

SMS Documents

Use the Mailroom to send notifications and linked documents by SMS.

Mail Merge

Microsoft Mail Merge

How to create a mail merge suitable for the Mailroom.

Optimise Documents

Steps for dealing with large mail merge documents.