The EasyPost Mailroom shows up-to-date status for each Mailing that you have submitted to Bing for processing. At any given time you can track its production progress.

How does status update work?

By default status is updated once every two hours. When a user logs on to a workstation, the Mailroom status watch mode is activated – you can see this as an icon in your system tray (see image below). If the status watch mode is running it checks status once every two hours.

Fig 1.1

If needed, you can update the status of any Mailing manually to find the current state without waiting for the watch mode to update the status. To do this just open the Mailroom (Mail Items Summary) and click the Refresh button to update the status. up-to-date status is then displayed in Completed.
To view full up-to-date status and comments, open the Mailroom (Mail Items Summary) and Click Completed. You may scroll across to view full status update and comments of the Mailings in question.

Malfunction notification

The status watch mode is not only used for updating the status of Mailing but also has a built-in malfunction notification. If for some reason the Mailing fails to upload to Bing for processing, you will receive notification of this problem. Usually if Mailing status is not available (no Bing receipt confirmation) 4 hours after submission, you will see an error message such as shown below. Refresh status in the Mailroom as described above, and if status is unchanged please contact Bing customer service to troubleshoot further.

In addition to the system tray notfication you can also opt to receive the same notifications via E-mail. See Mailroom Configuration to configure SMTP notfications for watch mode and silent send.

Fig 1.2

Due to the critical nature of this error notification, please do not disable the status watch mode feature.

The status watch mode is run from the Startup menu link under your Start menu – this link shows up as EasyPost Mailroom (see below). For Windows 8 or greater, sue Windows + R to open a Run prompt and enter

shell:common startup

If you do not have the link under the Startup please have an administrator recreate a link so that the application will start up upon login, or replace by uninstalling and reinstalling the Mailroom. The command for the startup link is

eppreview.exe /w

How to check and understand status

Open your Mailroom either by double-clicking on the Mailroom shortcut from your desktop or by navigating to Start > All Programs > EasyPost > EasyPost Mailroom. This will open the Mail Items Summary screen. You can then select the Completed icon to view the Mailings that you have submitted (see image below). 

Fig 1.3

Status Column Comment Column Explanation of Comments
Submitted ( Outgoing folder ) n/a The Mailroom has successfully submitted a Mailing for processing. However, the Mailroom has not received confirmation that it has reached bing processing centre.
On Hold Held pending Customer Service check The Mailing has been accepted by bing and is undergoing quality assurance. No action needs to be undertaken by the customer. If necessary, a bing representative will make contact.
Accepted In Production The Mailing has been pre-processed by bing’s acceptance system and is now in production.
Lodged Lodged [20080627T17:52:59.641000+10:00] Final status of the Mailing with lodgement date and time. (Australian Eastern Standard Time).
Cancelled Cancelled [Reason: Test Mailing Authority: UserA] The reason the Mailing has been cancelled and the username of the person requesting cancellation.
Rejected Rejected Mailing was not accepted for processing. This can be caused by sending a Mailing to bing using an unregistered spooler.