v6.5.0 (current)

  1. Feature: Improved Clean and Backup UI. Can now Clean without enforced backup. Summary at completion.
  2. Feature: DBTool -Info  or (dbtool -i) Displays database information summary.
  3. Feature: DBTool improved feedback, logging and coloured text e.g. red for error, green for success or info.
  4. Feature: Log file size incresed from 10MB to 33MB.
  5. Feature: Config tree find node feature expanded.
  6. Feature: Send Logs to Support.  Zips and uploads client and service logs for Bing technical analysis.
  7. Fix: EPService leaving queued packs when max upload count is reached.
  8. Fix: DBService enhancements.
  9. Fix: Uploads stuck in queued after network outage.
  10. Fix: Letter start mark bug resolved.


  1. Feature: Show user column in All Mailings.
  2. Feature: EP Service auto proxy option uses a script for copying user proxy settings to local system account.
  3. Feature: Improvements to combine blocks of text algorithm.
  4. Feature: Use environment variable (UEV) to set the registration node.
  5. Feature: New advanced extraction preset spacing flag "Separate Segments" to ensure there is a space between segments.
  6. Feature: Database Name can now be set to that of the Parent Node e.g. The OU name in which user nodes resides.


  1. Feature: "Select Preset".  New flag in show/hide UI flags "Select Preset", enables or disables the preset selector, drop down list functionality.


  1. Feature: Edit extracted field values. Users can now change extracted values or even add new field values before submitting to Bing. Edited fields are marked with an exclamation mark ! to indicate they have been changed.
  2. Feature: Fixed letter sizes UI in advanced options. Users can now change a document from being variable size (default) to Single Letter or with a fixed number of pages
  3. Feature: flag to clean up all packs, not just submitted ones, when doing clean-up run. In DBTool the extra clean option is "-all_types". For automatic clean-up the flag is in the app section "Clean All Mailings" and is applicable only when "Mailing Retention Days" is set.
  4. Fix: adding attachment in the wizard puts it as a front section
  5. Fix: search on letter field crash
  6. Fix: status updater stuck rendering the service non-responsive
  7. Optimisation: Schema update to index and optimise loading of large number of packs. Now loads in chunks. Schema migrated on first DB access. Optimisation includes search and clean-up tasks
  8. Optimisation: EPService monitors its internal initialization, stop and restart times and it will force exit if it takes too long
  9. Optimisation: increased the default max log file size to 20MB 


  1. Feature: auto DB cleanup: regularly erase old submitted mailings and delete unused data.
  2. Feature: delay submit option, "Split on Document Preset".
  3. Feature: improved printing workflow for users with multiple registrations.
  4. Feature: new welcome screen for new users. 
  5. Feature: prefix printer name (for multiple printers) - new edit box in printer properties.
  6. Feature: "compare_ignore_case" for grouping of letters with same data but in different case.
  7. Feature: "compare_ignore_extra_spaces" for grouping of letters with same data but where extra spaces may have been extracted.
  8. Fix: remote printing to shared Mailroom printer was not working when the client is not installed locally.
  9. Fix: deleting a page jumps to the last page of the section.
  10. Fix: deleting a page in an attachment/letterhead/new pack errored.
  11. Fix: grouping letters from the same document puts the resulting letter sections in reverse order.
  12. Fix: consolidating packs with different extraction field definitions (and corresponding extracted fields) ends up with error.
  13. Fix: shadow text detection in version 6 incorrectly detecting shadows in some cases


  1. fix: DBTool disconnecting on large DB backup/restore
  2. fix: add doc preset does not include reference field
  3. fix: multi reg user cannot set the printer config id going through windows printer settings, preferences.
  4. fix: memory leak in EPService on multiple uploads
  5. clone preset pair(s) to a different part of tree
  6. cosmetic changes in the preset cfg screen
  7. implement delay submit in EPService


  1. minor version in About box.
  2. re-introduced the Mailroom 5 letter deviation algorithm for inconsistent letter size.
  3. flag in the app section for selecting the letter deviation algorithm between loose (new Mailroom 6) and strict (Mailroom 5). Default is strict.


  1. fix: popup menu for applying mono colour to a page/document/letter not working.
  2. version number output in various log files.
  3. extract preset dialog check for invalid regex (e.g. *.) entered for the extraction preset match.


  1. fix: when auto processing single page letter and the address extraction fails, it crashes EPSvc.
  2. fix: disable discovery in EPService not honoured.
  3. fix: discovery crashing the client application in rare thread race conditions (StatusWatch on server).
  4. letterheads can now be applied per selected attachment(s).
  5. in the wizard put the attachments page before the letterheads page.


  1. fix: when preview/edit a pack preset with profile, the profile is not preselected.
  2. fix: proxy configuration not used for some internet requests.
  3. proxy configuration screen the option for auto-proxy temporarily removed.


  1. fix: importing old presets with silent send ends with option NO_POPUP not checked.
  2. changed default regex for letter mark/letter pages fields.
  3. fix: M6 crash with old default letter mark regex.
  4. fix: EPSvc crash on auto-processing where the attachment/letterhead is missing in the database.


  1. auto-save job preset after extraction too (it was updating the auto preset only on save).
  2. choose User Configuration dialog reformatted to work with configuration trees with many items.
  3. choose User Configuration dialog items in each tree branch sorted.
  4. department selection combo box items now sorted.
  5. EPSvc host name now visible in the title of the Registration screen.
  6. catch 22 proxy settings resolved by allowing to cancel the registration screen and enter proxy details.


  1. registration dialog always pre-fills account code when available.
  2. fixed not initialized “max spaces between fragments” and “max line distance” when you add a new preset.
  3. importing packs that have outgoing/queued status changes the status to submitted (to prevent being sent to server again).
  4. disabled certificate revocation list lookup in libcurl.