Release Notes EasyPost Mailroom version 5.x
Updated for v5.1.9

This document provides important information related to installation, deployment, upgrade and use of EasyPost┬« Mailroom version 5. Please review carefully before installing or upgrading. 


Mailroom Version 5 sees the addition of the EasyPost Mailroom database service and database management utility, for robust shared database functionality. The service and tool introduce:

  • Legacy database migration
  • Granular packs and user settings migration
  • Database backup and restore functions
  • Recovery of deleted items
  • Cleansing of unused and deleted data
  • Forward compatibility for future upgrades
  • Search mailings

Other features introduced:

  • Certified for Windows Server 2016
  • 5.1 EasyPost Mailroom rebranding
  • Streamlined user interface
  • Improved Multiple Extraction Zones with default value and letter grouping options
  • Secure server communication using https
  • Font capture at printer driver level improving shared printing
  • Email notification for monitoring un-lodged mailings
  • Per printer mailroom settings
  • Legacy spacing option to improve data extraction issues encountered with space characters from certain applications
  • Letterhead overlay option
  • Regular and Priority post option
  • File copy verification between mailroom and spooler, useful for WAN environments
  • Enhanced Update Checker retrieves server-side Profiles (production options) and purchase orders.
  • Granular cmd line installation
  • Proxy Auto Configuration support
  • Support for documents exceeding 9,999 pages
  • Configuration redirection allows individual users different configurations
  • Server side department lists
  • Simplified extraction regular expressions
  • Priority delivery option
  • Auto select department when using single element list


  • Mail Items Summary column sorting
  • Coordinates calculation for EMF text records using advanced graphic mode
  • Renamed attachments reverting to original name
  • Department list refresh
  • DBTool reporting incorrect number of items during copy settings
  • Updated printer driver for multi printer multi mailroom configurations
  • Printing from x86 applications to databases set by UEV
  • Department list descriptions
  • Normalised address field names
  • Purchase order delete button
  • greyscale border resizing
  • High resolution scaling
  • Invalid email error dialogue
  • Invalid save after submit
  • Dbtool copy packs date range
  • Updated Code Signing certificate

Known behaviour

  • Sharing databases between Mailroom 5.x and 4.x is NOT supported.
  • In some instances Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 (and higher versions) may draw certain fonts as graphics resulting in an address extraction error within the Mailroom. This behaviour is not encountered in Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7 and earlier. The workaround is to use standard Windows and Mailroom approved fonts, but NOT embed them in the PDF document.
  • When configuring the "Presets" for "Silent Send" Mailings, ensure that all attachments required for the "Presets" are saved using the default attachment colour model "Use Default Pattern".  This avoids the situation where mailings that use Silent Send and a pattern colour model may actually override the attachment colour pattern. E.g. if you want the documents to be printed in "First Page Colour" mode and the attachments to be printed in black & white, you have to make sure that the attachments are not saved in "Full Colour". If you save the attachments in "Full Colour" mode the attachments will be printed in "Full Colour" and charged accordingly.
  • All landscape duplex documents are currently setup to print as tumble duplex (bind/flip on long edge). Should you wish to print landscape documents so that they orient correctly when bound/flipped on short edge, please modify the original document to print as per your requirements.
  • In some scenarios where an older EasyPost Spooler is used it may be necessary to upgrade your spooler to allow the uploading of certain file types.
  • Uninstallation through add/remove programs does not remove database files.  In order to remove the EasyPost Mailroom including ALL databases, please use the msi scripts available in the installation link.

Product Codes and Features

Version 5.x Features:
Mailroom, Virtual_Driver, Popup_Mailroom, LiveHelp, DBTool, DBServer, MailroomConfig


See Installation Guide for all version 5 product codes and details on msiexec operations.